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Handy cooking hints and tips to help you in the kitchen

May 27, 2015 by Karen B

We’ve put together some handy cooking hints and tips for when you’re next in the kitchen:

When you’re cooking food that grows above ground, put it in boiling water. Conversely, food that grows below ground should be put in cold water and the heat bought up to boiling.

When cooking meat that has been stored in the refrigerator, bring it to room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking.

To ensure that you can taste the ingredients, season your food as you cook as opposed to seasoning at the table.

The best tool in the kitchen is your hands.

A steel will only hone a knife, it won’t sharpen it.

Don’t put pastry brushes in the dishwasher. The bristles are held in with wax, which will melt in the intense heat of the dishwasher.

Putting too much meat in a pan cools the pan down, due to the lower temperature of the meat and the evaporation of liquid on the surface. Instead of browning the meat oozes out juices and steams rather than browns.

We eat with our eyes as well as our mouth, so presentation is almost as important as taste.

Dried herbs are generally more potent and concentrated than fresh herbs. As a general rule of thumb you’ll need three times the amount of fresh herbs.

Kitchen plasters are blue because there is no blue food. Blueberries are purple!